Hurricane Windows Protect Coastal Residences from Prevailing Storms

Hurricane Windows

Homes along the coastline are more susceptible to damage caused by critical weather and powerful ocean winds. To ensure that these homes are fortified, Paragon Windows & Doors offers hurricane window designs that are specifically engineered to protect residential properties from severe storms and high-velocity impacts. From powerful wind gusts to hurricane season, our windows can handle it all.

Coastal Performance Impact Windows

Developed with multiple panes of impact-rated glass, Coastal Performance windows by Paragon provide superior durability and performance in all bouts of weather. Engineered with components that offer the ultimate in structural integrity and beauty, these hurricane windows provide the best of both worlds for coastal homes. Other benefits of these windows include:

  • Composite reinforcements
  • Multiple weatherstripping seals
  • Advanced Sill Riser technology to prevent water infiltration
  • An ENERGY STAR┬« rating

Best of all, Coastal Performance windows are rated up to DP50. This means they can withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 170 MPH. These hurricane windows are also impact certified for Windzone 3/Missile D, proving their ability to survive impacts from airborne debris that are launched at a high velocity.

Find an Authorized Dealer Today

In addition to their defensive components, these impact replacement windows can be customized in regard to color and configuration, as they are individually sized and come in many popular window styles. To learn more about these hurricane windows, contact Paragon Windows & Doors today to find an authorized dealer.

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