Replacement Windows That Boast Unbeatable Beauty, Impact Resistance & Energy Efficiency Year-Round

Replacement Windows

New home windows need to provide the best in beauty, durability, and energy efficiency, and Paragon Windows & Doors offers several unique lines of replacement windows to satisfy these needs and more. Our home windows have redefined the standards of luxury and performance and are available in many customizable styles to suit an array of aesthetic preferences and budgets.

Compozit Replacement Windows

We offer two distinct window series through our line of Compozit Windows – the original Compozit Series and the C2 Series. Both are engineered with modern technology and traditionally handcrafted designs for high-performance windows that are proven to provide long-lasting quality.

Compozit Series

Ranked as one of the highest investment-returning replacement windows on the market, Compozit Series windows are crafted from Expanded Polymer Composites (EPC) and engineered with an advanced pinch fusion welding technique. This construction method improves window durability.

C2 Series

Crafted with unique components to boost energy efficiency, C2 Series home windows are a high-performance and economical window replacement solution.

Coastal Performance Replacement Windows

These weather-rated hurricane windows feature several panes of sturdy glass, weather-stripping seals, composite reinforcements, and advanced Sill Riser technology to prevent water infiltration. These replacement windows also rated up to DP50, which means they can withstand winds of up to 170 MPH, and are Impact Certified for Windzone 3/Missile D to provide exceptional resistance against airborne debris.

Season-Tech Windows

This American-made window line is thoroughly tested and proven to provide high-performance functionality in any season. Available at a highly economical price point, these windows are a smart choice as builder-grade replacement windows that won’t break the bank.

All of the replacement windows offered by Paragon Windows & Doors can be customized to enhance virtually any home, no matter the aesthetic preference. Contact us today to find an authorized dealer.

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