What Makes a Window Hurricane Proof?

Jul 02, 2019

What Makes a Window Hurricane Proof? Hurricane season requires a lot of preparation, which can range from stocking up on water and gas to ensuring that your home is fortified from windblown debris and severe weather elements. To simplify this process, many coastal homeowners are investing in hurricane proof windows. Offering incredible durability in any bout of weather, impact-resistant windows provide homes with year-round security from extreme weather phenomenons. Sound too good to be true? This article explains how hurricane windows are constructed and the special components that give them their undeniable strength.

Structural Integrity

The appeal of hurricane-rated windows is substantial, as they offer a level of security that is unprecedented in the industry. The frame is one aspect of these windows’ construction that gives them their strength. Available in a wide range of strong materials – vinyl, steel, aluminum, and sometimes wood – the frame construction of a hurricane window ensures its structural integrity, resulting in a product that maintains its shape over time and resists dings, dents, cracks, and other signs of physical damage caused by flying debris and wind-driven rain.

Impact-Resistant Glass

Hurricane windows are not the result of magic or luck, but an innovative design that reinforces the structural stability of the glass. Instead of giving way to the pressure of a blow caused by propelled debris, these virtually indestructible panes absorb the shock of the impact. While the glass may still shatter if it sustains a strong impact, it will remain attached to the innermost layer of the window and its frame. An interlaid membrane will keep your windows intact, preventing shards of glass from penetrating your home and endangering your family and belongings.

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