What is the Safest Front Door Material?

Jul 19, 2019

Safest Front Door Material

A front door does more than open and close; it helps define your home’s character and is an integral part of your home’s security system. To ensure that your residence has a new entry door that lives up to your expectations for beauty and security, you will want to ask what it’s made of. Perhaps, one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a new door, the material determines the functionality and performance of your entry system, especially in matters of safety. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of material when choosing a new front door:

Popular Front Door Materials

There’s a wide range of door materials on the market, but the most popular front door materials include:

Natural Wood

Coveted for its warmth, unique textures, and woodgrain patterns, wood is a timeless material option for entry doors. While wood is naturally insulative and boasts traditional appeal, this material requires a lot of upkeep and often fails to provide the same high level of security found with other door materials, such as steel.


This door material is probably the most popular option on the market — and the most expensive, due to its aesthetic appeal. Engineered to mimic the beauty of wood without the tedious maintenance, fiberglass can be customized in a wide variety of designs to best suit your aesthetic preferences.


If you’re looking for the safest front door material, steel is your best bet. Steel is a cost-effective and extremely durable entry door material that can also be customized with impact glass transoms, premium hardware, and vibrant color blends – ensuring that your home is well protected and eye-catching.

Of course, you can always increase the security of your entryway with additional safety precautions such as an alarm and sophisticated locking system. However, investing in a steel door that is already equipped to impede against severe weather conditions and potential break-ins is a great way to establish a sense of security in your home. For steel security doors that are designed to withstand extreme coastal weather, contact Paragon Windows & Doors. We’ll help you find an authorized dealer of our Solterra® steel doors in your region.