How Sourcing Hurricane Windows from a Reliable Manufacturer Can Make a Difference

Jul 02, 2019

Hurricane Window ManufacturersSeaside views, sandy beaches, and salty air make living near the coastline a dream, but even the best dreams have the potential to take a dark turn. And for those living along the coast, that darkness often takes the form of monstrous storms.

It’s important to ensure that your coastal home is well protected from the often nightmarish damage caused by hurricanes, tropical storms, and other severe weather conditions, as it will give you the peace of mind you need to solely focus on the positives of living on the beach. Investing in hurricane windows is one way you can fortify your home from these looming storms. But, in order to truly benefit from this defensive product, it’s important to find a reliable hurricane window manufacturer that you can trust. One manufacturer that you always count on for exceptional impact windows is Coastal Performance Windows & Doors by Paragon Windows & Doors.

The Benefits of Choosing Coastal Performance Hurricane Windows

Scouring a local home improvement store for hurricane windows is not an efficient way to ensure you receive the best product for your needs since many “big boxes” stock subpar selections. Instead, put your faith in Coastal Performance hurricane windows by Paragon Windows & Doors. Engineered with the industry’s most advanced components and defensive technologies, these windows are capable of deflecting debris propelled in high-velocity winds and have received unprecedented structural ratings. Unlike most comparable options, these hurricane windows go through extensive testing to demonstrate their optimal performance in any bout of weather. As a result of this thorough testing, they are:

  • Rated up to DP50
  • Impact certified for Windzone 3
  • Certified for Missile D impacts

For these reasons and more, Coastal Performance Windows & Doors has long been the trusted choice among homeowners and home improvement companies throughout the industry. To learn more about this ideal hurricane window manufacturer and their defensive systems for your coastal home, contact Paragon Windows & Doors. We’ll help you find an authorized dealer!