Coastal Performance Impact-Resistant Front Doors Fortify Homes with Added Protection

Impact Front Doors

Impacts, whether of natural or made-man origins, can seriously damage a home. To fortify residences, Paragon Windows & Doors offers an incredibly durable line of Coastal Performance impact-resistant front and swing garden doors. These products are tested and proven to perform exceptionally in severe weather and are capable of deflecting a range of debris propelled at a high velocity.

The Ultimate in Home Protection

Security is a top priority for most homeowners; with impact doors, the ultimate protection can be achieved for any number of homes. Engineered as the first line of defense against hazardous elements, impact doors provide 24/7/365 hurricane and burglar defense. Coastal Performance front impact doors achieve this with the following components:

  • Multiple panes of impact-resistant glass – to eliminate the potential for breakage
  • Fiberglass and steel structures – for exceptional structural integrity
  • GUARDIAN™ Weather Barrier System – helps prevent damage caused by wind-driven rain
  • DP-60 structural rating – for tested and proven protection against hurricane-force winds

In addition to those elements, these doors are Impact Certified for Wind Zone 4 and Missile D – accolades indicative of their ability to handle the very worst weather scenario.

Strength & Style

Seamlessly combining beauty and durability, Coastal Performance impact doors provide the best of two worlds for a product that goes above and beyond standard models. They can be implemented into virtually any area of a home as they are also available in two styles, front and swing garden. Furthermore, they can be customized with regard to color and configuration, making them the ideal match for a range of aesthetic preferences.

Contact Paragon Windows & Doors to find a reliable dealer of Coastal Performance impact front and swing garden doors.

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