Impact Windows vs. Hurricane Window Shutters: Finding the Best Product for Your Coastal Home

Jul 02, 2019

Hurricane Window Shutters vs. Impact-Resistant WindowsExtreme weather developments – tropical storms, hurricanes, strong winds, and storm surges – can be especially damaging to coastal properties, which may have timeworn architecture and weakened exteriors due to constant exposure to the hot sun and salty air. While hurricane shutters and impact windows provide oceanfront homes with an added defense against weather damage, it’s important to note that each product offers different levels of protection. Read on to find out which product is best suited for your home and needs.

Hurricane Window Shutters

Hurricane shutters are typically installed over windows, acting as an additional layer of protection to prevent the panes of glass from damage. While this product will shield your windows from moderate damage caused by windblown rain and debris, it’s important to understand that the level of protection is limited. By way of explanation, hurricane window shutters are “safety blankets” for your windows, performing better when installed in tandem with impact windows.

Impact Windows

To ensure all-inclusive home protection against extreme storms, impact windows are the ideal option. First developed for vehicles as a precautionary measure for collisions, impact-resistant glass has been redesigned and perfected over the years to function optimally for homes. With wind ratings reaching up to 200 mph, these windows are the ideal storm barrier for your property, safeguarding your home from airborne debris traveling at a high velocity, as well as potential intruder attempts.

Have you made a decision? For additional information on the benefits of impact windows vs. hurricane window shutters, contact Paragon Windows & Doors. We’ll help you find a reputable dealer of hurricane rated windows near your home.