Customizable ELITEGrain Entryway Systems Enhance a Home’s Energy Efficiency and Security

ELITEGrain Doors

ELITEGrain fiberglass doors are reliable entryway systems crafted by industry leader Paragon Windows & Doors. Engineered to enhance curb appeal and security, these high-performance doors surpass the average standards of beauty and durability for most doors. Available in single- and double-door configurations and with a variety of customizable features, ELITEGrain Entryway Systems combine world-class architecture with designer features to create some of the finest entrances in the industry.

Exterior Doors Crafted with Purpose

ELITEGrain hybrid entryway systems are available in myriad styles including fiberglass entry doors, storm doors, and patio doors. They are each designed to enhance:

  • Beauty – With over 20 paint options from Sherwin Williams® and eight hand-stained finishes to choose from, these exterior doors can be customized to create an entrance that reflects almost any style. Additionally, all finishes are factory-applied and slow-oven cured to maintain a lasting appearance.
  • Energy efficiency – ELITEGrain exterior doors are crafted with a high-density polyurethane core that is six times more energy efficient than standard wood frames.
  • Security – Engineered with a polyfiber composite jamb system, a 20-guage steel security plate, and composite head and foot rails, these exterior doors have secure elements incorporated into every aspect of their design.

For the ultimate protection against inclement weather, ELITEGrain entry, storm, and patio doors also utilize one of the toughest defense systems available – the GUARDIAN™ Weather Barrier System. This system features tight-sealing three-sided Q-Lon™ compression weather stripping to keep water out and for increased energy efficiency, as well as a steel lock reinforcement plate for extra protection against forced entry.

Design Options that Complement a Wide Range of Preferences

Single- and double-door front entry systems are available in industrial coated grains, stains, and in specially formulated colors from Sherwin Williams®. Additionally, ELITEGrain skins are developed with a high-impact, compression molding process and are 30% thicker than standard grain replications. Other designer aspects available, include:

  • Glass elements ranging in clarity for additional privacy
  • Internal blind options
  • Decorative accessories

Finally, the individual components of the ELITEGrain Entryway Systems are warrantied to withstand wind and weather; 10 years for door finish and lite frames, 20 years for insulated glass units, and a lifetime for hardware finish.

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