Impact Doors Provide Added Security & Exceptional Defense Against Severe Weather

Impact Doors

Living by the coast has its fair share of advantages. However, coastal homes should be prepared to face serious storms and other extreme elements. To ensure a home’s safety and security in inclement weather, Paragon Windows & Doors offers high-performance impact doors. Coastal Performance hurricane-impact doors are designed with innovative components that can stand up to the elements without sacrificing style, providing exquisite benefits that can be enjoyed for decades.

Weather-Rated Entry & Swing Garden Doors

Coastal Performance impact doors are available in entry and swing garden door designs, and they can be customized with fiberglass or steel materials. Expertly engineered to provide the best in security, beauty, and durability, these storm doors are a safe and stylish investment for virtually any home. All front and patio doors from this line are also ENERGY STAR® certified for exceptional thermal performance.

Coastal Performance entry doors are Impact Certified for Windzone 4/Missile D and DP60 structurally rated for proven performance in critical weather scenarios. What’s more, these doors feature a GUARDIAN™ Weather Barrier System – protecting homes from potential damages caused by water infiltration. They also feature:

  • Optional sidelight configurations
  • Composite jamb systems and steel lock reinforcement plates
  • Multiple panes of impact-resistant glass
  • Over 20 paint and eight stain finishes

Coastal Performance swing garden doors offer many of the same superior advantages as the entry doors but are available in two-door and three-door configurations. This makes them the ideal solution for entryways that lead to patios, pool decks, and backyards.

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