Custom Replacement Windows Are Uniquely Crafted to Boost Curb Appeal & Performance

Custom Replacement Windows

Custom replacement windows can help increase the comfort and efficiency of a home, thanks to unique designs that are measured and stylized to satisfy a homeowner’s exact preferences. At Paragon Windows & Doors, we offer several distinguished lines of windows that accomplish this by combining the very best of beauty and durability.

Season-Tech Windows

In addition to popular styles, Season-Tech windows by Paragon are available in specialty designs that can be customized with regard to shape, size, and color. These custom designs include:

  • Basement – These windows are crafted to allow for maximum light infiltration in tight places and also feature dual-locks for added security.
  • Picture – These windows are engineered without a sash and provide all-glass, panoramic views.
  • Geometric – These windows are uniquely shaped and available in nearly every silhouette including pentagon, eyebrow, trapezoid, circle top, quarter round, triangle, and more.

Compozit Replacement Windows

Both lines of Paragon Compozit windows – the original Compozit Series and the C2 Series – are offered in many popular styles. With it, their exterior appearance can be customized with a virtually endless variety of color options and their interior finish can be customized with a number of woodgrain options.

Coastal Performance Windows

Impact or hurricane-rated replacement windows often sacrifice style, instead implementing additional reinforcements for enhanced strength and durability. When it comes to providing maximum comfort, beauty, and safety, however, Coastal Performance custom replacement windows deliver. These coastal windows by Paragon Windows & Doors are developed in a wide range of stylish designs and decorative configurations that can be customized to complement a variety of preferences, including:

  • Grids
  • Brickmould
  • Hardware
  • Screens
  • Color and woodgrain combinations
  • And more

Contact Paragon Windows & Doors today to find a reliable dealer for these custom replacement windows.

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