Hurricane Windows Provide Superior Protection from Impacts Caused by Extreme Weather

Hurricane Window Protection

Coastal residences must be properly equipped with components that offer advanced protection from extreme weather. Hurricane windows are an excellent solution, as they are crafted to defend against high-velocity winds and impacts from storm debris. Paragon Windows & Doors offers Coastal Performance windows for homes along the coastline. With ENERGY STAR® ratings and availability in a variety of color combinations and configurations, these impact windows are designed to provide high-performing function without sacrificing style.

Why Choose Hurricane-Rated Windows?

Unlike traditional window models, impact or hurricane-rated windows generally feature layers of shatter-resistant panes. They are engineered to provide greater protection against severe weather elements and are equipped with reinforced frames that can absorb shock from impacts, protecting the interior of a home from the possibility of significant damages.

Coastal Performance Windows

Coastal Performance hurricane-rated windows, from Paragon Windows & Doors, are meticulously crafted with innovative components that feature:

  • Several panes of sturdy glass
  • Weatherstripping seals
  • Composite reinforced frames
  • Advanced Sill Riser technology that prevents water from infiltrating homes

These hurricane windows provide a level of protection that is rivaled in the industry. With an additional DP50 rating against winds of up to 170 MPH, as well as a certification for Windzone 3/Missile D impacts, they are a trusted choice for homes in need of extra security measures and severe weather protection.

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