Builder-Grade Windows for Every Home & Every Budget: Season-Tech by Paragon Windows & Doors

Builder-Grade Windows

A home’s exterior is exposed to weather extremes year-round, therefore its windows need to be properly equipped to perform in all conditions: rain, heat, snow, hail, and more. Season-Tech windows by Paragon Windows & Doors do this flawlessly. Plus, they are builder-grade products available at an economical price point that is suitable for a wide range of budgets.

Reliable & Energy-Efficient Designs

To ensure premium performance all year, Season-Tech windows are engineered with innovative energy-efficient components and double-pane glass. This construction helps minimize heat transfer, reducing the amount of stress on a homeowner’s HVAC unit to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Features that contribute to these advantages include:

  • Intercept warm edge spacer – These unique spacers reduce conduction and condensation while producing higher R-values.
  • Solar Block™ 70 glass – This specially treated glass impedes heat transfer caused by direct sunlight, helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.
  • Multi-layer weather-stripping – Extra weather-stripping helps prevent uncomfortable, drafty openings from developing over time.

With the ENERGY STAR® optional package, Season-Tech windows are proven to provide excellent, energy-efficient performance for years.

Structural Integrity with Style

Unlike most builder-grade products, Season-Tech windows by Paragon Windows & Doors are carefully crafted to provide incredible structural integrity without sacrificing style. Some of these design advantages include:

  • Enhanced sound reduction
  • A low-profile and pick-resistant locking system
  • Subtly sloped sills to improve water drainage

Contact Paragon Windows & Doors today to find an authorized dealer of Season-Tech builder-grade windows.

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